Dritan Demiraj Ph.D (born May 24, 1969) is an Albanian Armed Forces senior officer retired after 35 years’ service in AAF. He is graduated from Albanian Armed Forces Academy, Police Academy, Defense College, War College, George C. Marshall Center in Garmish-Partnekirchen, Germany and at Joint Special Operations University, USA.

During his military career, Col Demiraj has been known as “founder and father” of modern Albanian Special Forces. Col Demiraj has successfully completed over 40 professional courses abroad for Special Operations and Counterterrorism and has been the first Albanian Military Senior Leader, leading Special Forces in Afghanistan during ISAF mission in combat operations in Afghanistan. During his military career Colonel Demiraj has been many times deployed on Combat Missions in Afghanistan.

Colonel Demiraj holds a PhD on “Defense, Security and Counterterrorism” and another t on “National Security” and he is the author and publisher of 35 books. He is the most decorated person in uniform in Albania and has been awarded with over 50 medals. Mr. Demiraj is the only one in Albania having 3 senior medals from the Albanian Presidents such as: The highest award “Nation’s Honor” for excellent services of the Nation, “The Great Master of Sports” Presidential Award and “The Golden Eagle Medal” for outstanding military service and bravery on combat missions.

Mr. Dritan Demiraj, PhD has served as Minister of Interior in the Republic of Albania in 2017 and as Chairman of Albanian Alumni GCMAA from 2017-2019.