BG® PhD Bardhyl Hoxha was born in Diber, Albania in 1958. He received his commission in 1982 as a distinguished graduate of Albanian Land Force Academy. BG® Hoxha has been assigned to numerous academic, operational command and staff positions, and has completed three overseas tours: DCOS SUP in SEEBRIG, ACOS J-6 in KFOR and ACOS J-9 in SHAPE. He spent the most of his military career, in Military Academy, as a Pedagogue and Deputy Dean as well as in Albanian General Staff as a staff officer, J-9 and J-8. He commanded the Logistic Brigade, Training & Doctrine Command etc.

He holds a MSc in mechanical engineering from University of Tirana, a MSc in defense studies from Albanian General Staff Academy and a PhD in security studies from Albanian Armed Forces Academy. Among several courses in USA, Germany, Malaysia, etc., his rich academic biography includes the Executive Security Course at Marshall Center, Garmisch, Germany. His experience encompasses International Relations; Human Recourses Management; Civil-Military Cooperation & Interaction; Outreach & Engagement with International Organization & NGOs, Strategic Communications; Public Relations; Diplomacy; Building Integrity; Comprehensive Approach; Comprehensive Planning & Execution, Programming & Budgeting; Logistics, Movement & Transportation, Acquisition and Contracting etc.

He authored many lectures and textbooks for military students, and authored & co-authored many studies, articles, doctrines, manuals etc. related to logistics and security issues. He retired as Brigadier General in 2015 and continues his contribution in security field as a Chief of Research Department and Senior Lecturer at TRADOC. He has been awarded 13 various medals for achievements during his long military career.