Born in Spac, Mirdite, on 27.01.1960, a village which he attended and complited his 8-year education to be selected as one of the best candidate to be the future officer of the Albanian Armed Forces. In 1974-1978 he successfully completed the Military High School as a “Skanderbegas” in the speciality of construction, continuing a yearof productive work (intership) at the former Spac Camp. After successfully completing his undergraduates tudies at the United School and being an Act Officer,he has served in a variety of tasks ranging from the lowest levels of leadership hierarchy in the Armed Forces to the highest levels passing almost all degrees of thesteeing pyramid, platoon commander, kmpanie, battalion, regiment, force up to Vice.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, deserving of the rank of the lowest to the rank of Major General Brigade. He has also served abroad as an accredited military representative in the military and diplomatic structures, representing not only the Armed Forces, but more importantly our country, but more importantly our country.

In the field of security and defense are highly valued, as he was promoted as one of the most dedicated, professional and experienced military servicemen in Vienna. Wherever he has served, he has stood out for his simplicity, professionalism, teamwork and communication, finding full support and support from the entire corps of military and civilians of the Armed Forces.

Married to Angeline, a teacher by profession, they have three sons, one of whom follows the tradition of his father studying in Turkey to be a future AF officer. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Tirana Military Academy from 1989 to 1991.He has attended various qualification courses at home and abroad, including the Hamburg German Academy of Management including the European security course as well as courses at the Marshall Center. Knows German and English at Level 3 for merit, work and dedication during his career of more than 36 years has been decorated with different medals by local and foreign personalities.