Ermal Jauri (born on January 28th 1983) is a Albanian Armed Forces captain in reserve. Currently Mr. Ermal Jauri is the Chair of George C. Marshall Albania Alumni Association. Prior to this position Mr. Jauri has served in different position in business such as CEO and President of JE Holding Denmark, a group of companies such as (Europe Agency, Europe Training Institute an International Employment and Vocation Training Institution in Albania and Kosovo; Yellow Pages Kosovo, New Born Media Kosovo,) Mr. Jauri has also served as National. Representative of Chamber of commerce and industry of UAE. Mr. Jauri holds Judicial mediator in Albania license.

Prior to his business and public career, Mr. Jauri has served in different positions in Albanian Armed Forces starting as a platoon commander at Albanian Commandos up to Chief Protocol Officer of Albanian Chief of Defence as his last military duty. Also, Mr. Jauri has served as Intelligence Officer in Multinational Corps Iraq, Coalition Operations, Baghdad, Iraq.

A graduate of the Albanian Armed Forces Academy, Mr. Jauri also earned master’s degrees from Armed Forces Academy in Tirana for “National Security”, and many trainings and qualifications abroad such as in Toronto, Canada, Germany, Denmark etc…. Mr. Jauri Studied at the Leaders Program in Advanced Security Studies, College of International and Security Studies, Garmich – Partenkirchen PASS 11-10, Germany and lately finished his studies for Law at Tirana University, Law Faculty.

During his career as active duty, Mr. Jauri has completed many professional training and courses at Training and Doctrine Command in Albania and in NATO. Mr. Jauri also has been awarded with six medals and several evaluations from Diplomatic Mission in Albania and abroad during his military career.

Furthermore, during his career on business, Mr. Jauri has been evaluated with several certificates and awards from the Tirana Mayor, Albanian Minister of Social Welfare Youth; the head of Chamber of Commerce and industry, Albanian Minister of Interior etc…

Mr. Jauri is also the publisher of “Personnel Manual” in Albania and “Business Guide of Pristina, Kosovo for 2017, 2018, 2019 and also a certified expert on employment and immigration.

Ermal Jauri