‘George C. Marshall – Albania Alumni” Association was established on 2016 as a nonprofit organization with the purpose to promote the “National Defense and Security Strategy” and also to give its contribution on raising public awareness regarding the most sensitive security issues in the region and in the entire world. George C. Marshall – Albania is composed of defense and security specialized members graduated from the European Center for Advanced Security Studies George C. Marshall Center in Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany. Most important asset of the Association is that all its members are specialized members in defense and security field but also, they are engaged and working in mostimportant agencies and institutions of the country. Our members are diplomats, senior military and police leaders, professors, lectors, directors, specialists etc. According the George C. Marshal – Albania status, any specialized person on the security and defense back ground and sector is a potential candidate to the Association. As a Marshall alumnus/a, we are automatically enrolled in the George C: Marshall College Alumni Association. Representing more than 265 graduate alumni, the Association offers a wide variety of programs and events to connect Albanian civil society and Albanian government. Consider ourselves as a bridge between two actors, to day, we want to assists the College with creating a vibrant and engaged alumni community with strong bonds to the College and each other. The board consists of 10 members who have demonstrated their commitment and support of the College through event attendance, volunteerism, philanthropic contributions, sincere interest on improving Albanian situation in same way and all according in helping the George C. Marshall College achieve its goals and objectives.

Why We Are The Right Organization To Raise The Voice On All Security Issues And Programs?

Because, we guide our professional and personal life inspired from George Marshall initiatives. Our energy and drive has allowed us focus on improving Albanian situation in same way. We have great story an updated Status and Strategic Plan was adopted by the Albanian Alumni Board in 2014 that emphasizes the commitment of the Albanian Alumni Association to serve and involve alumni in the life of the Albanian university. Through this involvement, Albanian will continue to grow stronger and better serve its students and the greater society it attempts to serve. With alumni invested in the university’s missions of learning, discovery and engagement on the securities studies, George C: Marshall College light will shine even more brightly in the years to come on all security issues and programs. The Alumni Board’s strategic plan outlines the Association’s mission and purpose, its vision, its principles and core values, and its strategic directions. Each of these statements embodies the belief that a dynamic Albanian alumnus is a key component in the continued success of the university as a leading institution of higher education that they helped shape to serve George C. Marshall alumni and students in order to strengthen connections and encourage involvement with the institution. The following values will guide our work: Quality, Service, Pride, Professionalism, Relationships, Traditions, and Diversity.