Graduated from the Military Academy “Skanderbeg”, Defense Academy, High School of Philosophy, studies at the European Center For Security Studies “George C. Marshall”, Germany as well as several qualification seminars and training in Pernedim. Has a long experience Head of Pedagogy and Studies in various tasks as Lecturer, Head of Department, Head of Department, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, Scientific Secretary, Head of the Defense Academy. of the 21st Century ”. and 2003 Personality from The American Biographical Institute, The Conteporal Vho, s Vho. He is the author and co-author of several books and texts in the fields of strategy, security and geopolitics.

He is the organizer of several scientific conferences and host of dozens of papers and papers inside and outside the country, has prepared and published dozens of scientific articles and has led dozens of dissertations and Master’s theses domestically. He is particularly distinguished in the development of scientific criticism for many of the thorny problems of strategy. He is a member of several newsrooms and boards.