Born in Shijak Durres at 17. 07. 1964 he is graduated at “The Marine Academy”, Vlore at 1986.
He has completed various trainings locally and abroad, mainly in Port Management.
Between 1994-1995 he is graduated in USA as “English Language Instructor”.

At 1996 he graduates at “The College of Strategic studies for Economical issues and National Security”.

During his professional career he has completed various tasks mainly in managerial level. He has been “The General Captain of Albanian Ports” between 1995-2001. At 2005 he has ben the consultant of the Minister of “Public affairs and Transport”. During 2007-2016 Mr. Metalla has been Director of “Sea Transport Politics ” at MPPTT. Since 2007 until 2013 he has been member of the Albanian Parliament. At 2008 he successfully completes second level Masters Degree at University of Tirana “College of Economy”. At 2013 he graduates as Doctor of Science (S.D). at Unicersity of Tirana “College of Economy”. Since 2009 he is outsourcing as a Lector at University of Tirana “College of Economy”, and since October 2014 he works as full time lector at “College of Professional Studies, Department of Mechanics and Transport” Alekasnder Moisiu University “Durrës”